6 more weeks of winter or an early spring? Meet the Groundhog Day prognosticators of the tri-state

Groundhog Day can provide some great family fun and a silly break from the harsh winter. Here is what our local groundhog prognosticators (plus a chicken and a prairie dog) are predicting this year.

Malverne Mel

Malverne Mel did not see his shadow and predicted an early spring!

Holtsville Hal

Holtsville Hal's forecast is in - no shadow and early spring!

Allen McButterpants

Before his turn as a Groundhog Day prognosticator, Allen came to the rescue center as a trauma victim and was deemed nonreleasable due to weakness in legs. He soon become a staff favorite beloved for his unflappable demeanor.


Sweetbriar Nature Center's resident groundhog got an early start on Groundhog Day this year - calling for an early spring in conjunction with Huntington Town Highway Superintendent Andre Sorrentino.

Beardsley Bart

The Beardsley Zoo's Beardsley Bart did not see his shadow and predicted an early spring!

Staten Island Chuck

The Staten Island Zoo's Staten Island Chuck called for an early spring!

Lady Edwina of Essex

Lady Edwina of Essex did not see her shadow at the Essex County Turtle Back Zoo - calling for an early spring!
Edwina also called for the Chiefs to win the Super Bowl.

Connecticut Chuckles

Connecticut’s official state groundhog, Chuckles, has predicted an early spring!

Cluxatawney Henrietta

She's not a groundhog - she's a "weather-predicting chicken!" Cluxatawney Henrietta laid an egg at Muscoot Farm this Groundhog Day ... which means an early spring!

"Sam Champion"

Sam Champion did not see his shadow out at the Quogue Library - another prediction for an early spring.

Stonewall Jackson

Stonewall Jackson from Space Farms did not see his shadow and called for an early spring.

He may not be local, but no Groundhog Day would be complete without hearing from Punxsutawney Phil. The famed groundhog also did not see his shadow - calling for an early spring.

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