Allerton building tenants closer to getting gas back after 2 months

Tenants of one Allerton apartment building say they've been without gas for almost 2 ½ months.
The problem may be solved soon, but residents say they are still infuriated.
The building manager says it was an extensive job, as all the gas piping had to be replaced after a gas leak. Con Ed cannot turn the main line back on until that job is done.
Tenants say it was a tough holiday season having to cook on portable burners provided by management. The New York City Department of Buildings issued permits to correct the leak on Oct. 31, and said the damaged piping posed a danger.
Management had to hire a licensed plumber for what they say was a $100,000 gas piping replacement.
As of Monday, DOB said gas authorization had been approved for 36 of the building's 49 units.
A note from management indicated inspections were set to take place Monday before restoring gas.
Tenants, however, say they feel like they've been left in the dark.
“We don’t want to blow up like the building blew up in Manhattan. We don’t have any answers,” said tenant Jennifer Wheeler. “What’s happening? How are you helping us? We have no gas.”
In a statement, a DOB spokesperson says:
"In this case, when the issue was identified by the utility, the property owner took the correct course of action to retain a Licensed Master Plumber and obtain the permits required to conduct repairs. We are in communication with the owner and the plumber, and are working to ensure gas service is restored to all affected units."
The building manager anticipates Con Ed will be able to turn the gas back on in about a week.