Dangerous heat continues today in the Bronx for the first day of summer

Annual winter carnival returns to Bronx at NY Institute for Special Education

Staff members say the winter carnival's activities are fun for the kids and help them learn valuable skills for their growth.

News 12 Staff

Feb 15, 2023, 10:36 PM

Updated 490 days ago


The annual winter carnival at the New York Institute for Special Education is back in the Bronx, welcoming nearly 100 preschoolers and kindergarteners for a day of winter fun.  
Today’s winter games consisted of students ages 3 to 5 who got to learn through play. Students took part in a myriad of activities, from a paper snowball fight to an indoor obstacle course.  
Staff members say the students can learn coordination, balance, communication and more through these activities.
“It’s an opportunity for our children to generalize the skills that they’ve been working on in a classroom and in the therapy room,” said Danielle Utman, an occupational therapist who works with the institute’s students.  
The New York Institute for Special Education has been serving children with disabilities since 1831, and today is what many of the students say is the best day of the year.  

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