Artists spread messages of hope through digital billboards across NYC

Artists spread messages of hope through digital billboards across NYC

Whether you are an essential worker or going out for that trip to the grocery store, you may find little messages of hope and gratitude along the way. 

"We decided to focus on images about community strength [to] thank those who are working on the front lines, and encouraging basic health and safety measures that we knew were actually accurate,” says Julia Knight, Poster House Museum director.

In several languages and in different ways, the billboards are making the message clear - wash your hands and stay home. 
"How can we communicate what we are feeling right now, and how can we give artists voices a platform right now,” says Knight.
Poster House and Print Magazine joined forces to get the public service announcement on 1,800 digital screens across the city. Even those in Times Square with the help of Times Square Arts.

“Saying we see you and we appreciate the struggle we are all going through I hope hopefully that’s the message it sends when you see this design and this kind of content on the most iconic screens in the city in the world,” says Jean Cooney, Director of Times Square Arts.

Throughout history, in times of crisis, organizers say posters have been used as a way to unite and spread hope. During the coronavirus outbreak it's no different. 

"This is something that historically has happened at every important moment in history,” says graphic designer Emily Oberman.
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Oberman is one of the graphic designers that worked on the project.
"In thinking out the idea of social distancing and the idea of putting a positive spin on something that you can do, it occurred to me that the words apart and a part are exactly the same only one is two words and one is not,” says Oberman.