Artmageddon art fair brings community members together in Ditmas Park

Dozens of local artists showcased their work in Ditmas Park in Brooklyn over the weekend as part of the visual art fair Artmageddon.
There was art all around the picturesque streets of Victorian Flatbush. This was the third fair organized since the pandemic started. Over 160 artists participated spanning more than 60 locations in a several block radius.
Some artists were selling their work while others encouraged the community to participate in creating it.
"It makes me feel like I created a work of theater. That everyone here is an actor that is participating in a performance, but they don't even realize it. It's almost like maybe the world's largest improvisational theater performance ever created," says Robert Elstein, founder of Beautify Brooklyn and Brooklyn High School teacher.
"During the pandemic this has been such an important part to keep us together and keep us safe because it is happening outside," says artist Annie Delhierro.
Elstein says they are looking forward to another Artmageddon in a few months.