‘As normal as possible’: Brooklyn Diocese teachers prepare classrooms for students' return next week

Brooklyn Diocese teachers prepared their classrooms for the new school year ahead of the holiday weekend.
Teachers put all the finishing touches in place for Catholic school students who will return for in-person learning next week.
“We have cleaned all the desks, we have measured them out, we have put shields on everyone's desk,” says teacher Karen Black. “And then we do the fun stuff— decorating the room, putting up new posters."
Teacher Bethzaida Leath says it’s important to decorate the classroom to help “make it as normal as possible so that the kids can still feel comfortable.”
The 260 students at St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Academy will have to follow all the safety protocols.
“Every student wears a mask all day long, except when they have breaks,” says Principal Lorraine Pierre. “Infrared thermometer to take their temperature, and we also sanitize their hands and then we sanitize their shoes.”
The school was mostly in-person last year, but some students who stayed remote will be back in the classroom.
"I have three times the number of students I had last year, so it will be great and exciting to see them again because I think many of them did miss out on the face-to-face interaction and the interaction with friends in the classroom,” one teacher told News 12.
An orientation is scheduled on Tuesday for new students and teachers, and the first full day of classes is Wednesday.