‘Believe in Yourself’ donates dresses to girls in Crotona Park East

The Believe in Yourself Foundation was in the Bronx Tuesday to help underprivileged youths find the perfect outfits for their upcoming school functions.
The Boston-based foundation made a visit to Crotona Park East to donate brand-new dresses to the girls in the area.
Believe in Yourself, in partnership with the Boys & Girls Club, preselect the girls that most need the dresses and then have them set goals for the school year. It can include improving their grades or excellence in something outside the classroom, such as music, dance or sports.
Founded by Sam Sisakhti, he says he hopes to add giveaways for boys in need in the future. For now, he says spreading joy through dresses is why he started the program in the first place.
"That's my favorite part,” Sisakhti said. “Just seeing like their happiness.”