Best of the Bronx: Ramon Bermudez

Best of the Bronx: Ramon Bermudez

Ramon Bermudez has been painting since 2015 and has also worked as a waiter at the Sotheby’s Auction House.
Bermudez’s auction house experience has come full circle as he will now have his paintings featured there.
He says being an employee at the auction house enabled him to learn from the best.

"I was secretly learning about the art that was being auctioned off and that, to me, was an incredible opportunity to be around masterpieces. I loved it,” says Bermudez.

Bermudez says he is self-taught and works mostly out of this apartment.
Inside that apartment a painting of his mother hangs on the wall, created after visiting the Dominican Republic, more than a decade since his family last went to the country.

"I've never seen my mom so happy while holding a coconut, so I told her stop right there, I want to take a picture of you and then I took a picture of her and painted her after that,” says Bermudez.
Although his work on display at Sotheby's is a dream come true, the painter tells News 12 he hopes to one day have some of his work auctioned to collectors from all over the world. 

"I would cry. Unless I'm dead, hopefully not. But it would be super awesome,” says Bermudez.