Black Lives Matter mural painted outside of Bay Ridge wine bar

A Bay Ridge business owner organized the painting of a mural to support the Black Lives Matter movement.
Community members painted big black and white letters on the outside of The Owl's Head bar.
The owner, John Avelluto, has had murals painted in the past and says this year it has a greater message.
"I just want to open it up to the community," Avelluto says. "Provide a platform where it's not about the specific artist but just the outreach of the community about a message that I think is fairly important."
Artist Jen Maloney put up the outline and was one of the first to fill in the letters. She says it's not enough for people to sit back and do nothing about social injustice.
"I hope Black and brown people feel supportive and I hope white people feel reflective and feel aware of their privilege," Maloney says. "And aware of how important it is for them to not just be non-racist but be actively anti-racist."
The mural is expected to stay up through at least the next year as a reminder that community members in Bay Ridge stand with Black lives.