Bright, chilly breeze for Tuesday in NYC

News 12 Storm Watch Team Meteorologist Hilda Estevez says the New York City metropolitan area will see a bright Tuesday with a chilly breeze.
TUESDAY: Bright with a chilly breeze. Highs near 44. Lows near 34.
WEDNESDAY: Mostly sunny and chilly. Highs near 46. Lows near 35.
THURSDAY: Partly sunny, chance of rain/snow mix. Highs near 42. Lows near 28.
FRIDAY: Frigid start and mostly sunny, breezy and colder. Highs near 38. Lows near 31.
SATURDAY: Partly sunny, chilly, and breezy. Chance of an afternoon snow shower. Highs near 42. Lows near 34.
SUNDAY: Mostly cloudy, windy, chance of rain and snow. Highs near 40. Lows near 31.