Bronx Borough Board votes against de Blasio’s zoning proposals

The Bronx Borough Board has voted against Mayor Bill de Blasio's new zoning proposals. 
Nearly all members, including Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr., voted against the proposal.
There are two proposed changes, zoning for quality and affordability, and mandatory inclusionary housing. 
The proposals aim to create 200,000 affordable housing units, as well as new developments that need rezoning and provide more affordable senior housing.
Diaz says the mayor's proposals are wrong for the city and wrong for the borough, calling them one-size-fits all affordable housing that could cause the Bronx to miss out on opportunities for low- and medium-income housing. 
Diaz says neighborhood-by-neighborhood zoning is what works for the Bronx.
"What you see today is the Bronx speaking in one voice and also you're going see a chorus throughout New York with different borough boards that say, not only do we need to continue to re-examine this, not only does one size not fit all in our own borough, but we need to take a step back and slow down the process so we can have more community input," Diaz says. 
The Department of City Planning listened to what the board had to say about the proposals. However, the board votes do not legally prevent the mayor's plan from going through. The city planning commission will take feedback from all the boards into consideration when making its final decision in December.