Bronx kids learn about child abuse prevention at P.S. X114

Students at P.S. X114 in the Bronx learned about how to prevent child abuse Thursday during a special program marking National Child Abuse Prevention Month.  
The workshop was held by the nonprofit group New York Foundling, and was intended to help children understand what child abuse looks like.
The group's Child Abuse Prevention Program, or CAPP, allows puppets to illustrate how to spot abuse and let children interact on what can be a difficult subject.
"It can be difficult at times…These kids are dealing with different issues at home and we try our best to get them help," says Kylie Brock, of New York Foundling.
At the end of the program, students were presented a certificate that shows what they learned.
"The certificate is the reference point, so they can…remember main safety points they learned in this program and be able to share it with others," says Brock.