Bronx school children learn fire safety

Students at St. Clare of Assisi School learned about fire safety today, but it was not your standard fire drill.
The New York City Fire Department was on site to assist students through an interactive scenario called "the safety house," which uses theatrical smoke to imitate a real fire.
Students navigate their way through a smoke-filled room, which fire officials say gives them a real-life understanding of how hard it is to escape a fire.
FDNY educational unit officials say the course teaches children not to play with matches, candles, the stove or electrical cords.
They say getting children to participate in the course is also a great way to teach them how to get out of a fire if they are in a business or even at school or home.
Officials say they hope the students take the lessons they learn back home and apply them to their everyday lives.
They also say children should share what they learn with their parents in order to come up with a fire plan.