Bronx woman shares trial and triumph story as one of the first Black commercial flight attendants

A Bronx woman is sharing her story with News 12 of how she broke barriers for Black women more than 63 years ago up in the air.
Bronx resident Patricia Edmiston, 85, is known to be one of the first Black flight attendants for a commercial airline, but she says the road to get that title wasn't easy.
In 1956, Edmiston sued Capital Airlines because they refused to hire her after finishing air career school in Manhattan. She went to the New York State Commission Against Discrimination. After four years, she took the airline to court and won.
Capital Airlines was ordered to hire her. She says through it all, she endured racism and hate but she made her dreams come true despite the hurdles.
Edmiston urges everyone to understand through her story that anyone can achieve anything with the right mindset.