Brooklyn family, community searching for missing man with dementia

A Brooklyn family and the community are searching for an elderly man who they say went missing just over a week ago.
"We've been emotionally fragile for the past couple of weeks not knowing where your loved one is. We need the public's help. If they see him, to contact us. This is an emergency," said Osamn Elsiddig, son of missing 76-year-old Omer Elsiddig.
They say the 76-year-old man went missing on Oct. 16. 
"He was diagnosed with dementia, so he forgets a lot. So, he was coming to the masjid to pray and then ever since then he's been missing," said Osamn Elsiddig.
Osman says since his father’s been missing, he along with the community, have been putting up missing signs and he’s offering a $1,000 reward for information leading to finding him.
"We don't know if he has enough money to eat. We don't know where he's at, what if someone is hurting him. He has diabetes, he needs his medication, so it's very urgent that we try to find him," said Osamn Elsiddig.
He says he filed a police report the day after his father went missing and that he's also gotten a tip that he was last seen on Marcy Avenue and Broadway wearing a black Champion sweater over traditional Islamic clothing.
Family members say they will continue searching subways and other locations throughout the city and won't stop until they find him.