Bushwick vintage warehouse features thousands of one-of-a-kind items

A vintage shop in Bushwick gives thousands of old items a chance to be loved again at the hands of a new owner.
News 12's Joanna Hernandez visits Reuse America Vintage Warehouse to learn more about the owner that started it all.
"I was in the printing business for thirty years and my friend bought a building and he said there's a whole bunch of printing stuff and he said to ‘fill up the truck, do whatever you want, just give me $500 and take whatever you want,’" says owner Elliot Blitman.
Blitman says he has been collecting unique items for years and the hobby quickly turned into a passion.
"Some people think it's cool and those are the people that are going to buy it," says Blitman. "For me, this is my destiny. I used to go on excavations all over the world."