CDC to discuss booster shots for general public today

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is meeting today at 10 a.m. to discuss whether everyone who has the COVID-19 vaccine will need to get a booster shot.
The Food and Drug Administration said last week that additional doses of the vaccine are “only necessary for those 65 and older and the immunocompromised.” However, the FDA has not made an official authorization yet.
Pfizer is scheduled to present its booster data today, and Moderna has submitted its booster data.
Johnson &  Johnson is expected to do the same after announcing that adding a second dose of its vaccine provides 94% protection against symptomatic infection. All three of the major vaccines will have to wait for FDA approval regarding their respective booster shots.
News 12 is told that the FDA is expected to make a final decision on boosters for the general population in the coming weeks.