Councilman calls level 2 travel advisory against Dominican Republic ‘wrong’

A travel advisory is in affect for people traveling to the Dominican Republic and a city councilman is fighting for the advisory to be lowered.
The United States State Department issued a level two advisory, claiming the Dominican Republic has seen an increase in crime and travelers should be wary.
Councilman Fernando Cabrera says New York City has a long history with the Dominican Republic and issuing a level two travel advisory is wrong. 

"It stigmatizes the Dominican Republic. [A] level two travel advisory makes people wonder is it safe or not safe, and I think it kind of an arbitrary designation they gave to the Dominican Republic,” says Cabrera.

The State Department issued the advisory citing an increase of crime. A level two advisory means visitors should exercise increased caution.
Some people told News 12 it will influence their decision to visit the island, but others say it would not affect their decision.

City officials says over 1 million Dominicans live in the Unites States, with 41 percent calling New York City home.
They cite the Dominican Republic as a commercial partner and say this decision can impact tourism. 

"It's ironic today on the 175th anniversary of Dominican independence, I think we need to voice our concerns with the fact they're friends, they're with us,” says Cabrera.

Other countries with a level two advisory are Germany, France and Spain.