Crash sends deer through woman's windshield into back seat

A New Jersey woman escaped a near miss when a deer flew through her windshield and landed in the back passenger seat of her SUV.
Melissa Misthal says that she was driving southbound on Route 9 in Howell Monday morning, when the dear darted out in front of her.
“I see deer a lot, but always at a distance and not once have I had a close call,” she says. “This was definitely the worst experience I’ve had.”
Misthal says she tried to avoid the deer but couldn't. The force of the impact sent the animal airborne and into her front windshield. She says that she was on her way to work and was about a mile and a half away from home.
Misthal says that she pulled over and that a good Samaritan also pulled over to help her.
“And he said, ‘You know the deer is still in your car?’ and I was like, ‘What?’ I was so shocked, and I looked in the backseat window and I did see it in there,” she says.
Authorities praised Misthal for keeping calm, noting that she safely pulled over despite being injured and not knowing if the deer was still alive.
“Her demeanor wasn’t something you’d expect from someone who just had a 150-pound deer crash into your vehicle, and then get stuck in the vehicle as well,” says Patrolman Ryan Jackson.
Police say the deer was found dead inside the SUV. Misthal was treated for a minor injury at the scene.
“I’m super lucky… my grandma passed away last month and I feel she was probably looking down on me and made things go in my favor,” she says.
Misthal and police say that they want to remind drivers that it is deer mating season right now, so they should be alert and be careful while driving.
The Associated Press wire services contributed to this report.