Department of Education releases blended learning plan

As families eagerly await the final decision from New York state on school reopening at the beginning of the fall school year, the New York City Department of Education announced their plan to start a blended learning model. 
Students participating in the blended learning model will learn five days a week; with part of the week in-person and the rest of the week through remote learning. 
Randi Levine works for Advocates For Children and tells News 12 that parents who are unable to stay home with their children are uneasy about the new learning plan, since there is no option for students to attend school five days out of the week.  
"We've heard from families who have significant concerns with this plan. There are parents who are working who need somewhere for their children to be everyday of the week,” said Levine. 
In order to decrease in-person class sizes, the DOE created five scheduling models for schools to use during the school year--two of which are specifically for students with significant challenges. 
Each model has a different rotation of days for remote and in-person learning. 
Principals decide from these scheduling models based on their school’s capacity and community needs.