DOC: 24-hour cash bail window coming this summer

Courthouses in the Bronx were meant to get a cash bail window months ago, but now it might finally be on the way.
The plan is now five months past deadline the de Blasio administration set to open a 24-hour cash bail window. They now say it's coming this summer.
A 2017 law mandated a 24-hour bail option within a half-mile of courthouses in each of the five boroughs. As first reported in Bronx Justice News, corrections officers told Bronx officials that it'd be ready by New Year's Day.
The Department of Corrections says the process has taken so long because it focused first on opening a cash bail window in Queens, and that it is working as quickly as possible to build the space at 215 E. 161st St.
The DOC adds that it's not legally in the wrong because there has always an online bail option. It says the window is nearly done, but it is currently boarded up with paper from the inside.