Dog returns to Hunts Point family after going missing during a walk with neighbor

It was a joyous reunion for one Hunts Point family and their dog, after they say he's been returned.
The family reported Thursday that Shadow was taken from his leash when he went for a walk with a neighbor.
The incident was caught on surveillance camera. News 12 is told that neighbor is the person seen holding what looks like an air conditioner. He tied Shadow to a tree and left him there. 

Shadow's family says that neighbor told them he went into a bodega, came out and the dog was gone. However, Shadow's owner Felipe Aries says the family doesn't believe that story.
"He lets me know, he's a alarm for my medicine and he lets me know I took my meds, so I don't know, I'm just, I can't even sleep," Aries told News 12 while his dog was still missing.
Aries suffers from lupus and seizures.
His family tells News 12 that they are grateful to be reunited with their four-legged best friend.