DSNY cracks down on street vending along Fordham Road

Anyone who grew up along Fordham Road most likely purchased something from street vendors along the busy hub. 
Community members now say that is a thing of the past, thanks to the Department of Sanitation.
The DSNY is raiding and ticketing street vendors up to four times a week to make sure they are complying with health and safety rules. That includes having a valid license.
According to the DSNY website, a special license is required for full-time permits and only 445 applications are given out each year. It says they try to provide warnings when it comes to street vending enforcement.
One resident who identified herself as Nancy said more should be done to help vendors.
"They should do some type of law to help them out and not just take their stuff because that's how they make their bread and butter," she told News 12’s Elly Morillo.
Others are pleased with the recent crackdowns.
“If they don't clean up after themselves, that's where Sanitation has to step in because then they leave all of their garbage out and then all the rats come and that's a situation we're going through here in the Bronx,” said one resident.