Education Ambassador: Bronx parent advocate Angela Torres

Angela is a mom of three kids, who are all remote learning this year.

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Nov 11, 2020, 4:30 PM

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Education Ambassador: Bronx parent advocate Angela Torres
Angela Torres is a loving wife, and mom of three wonderful kids. She is adjusting to life now that everyone is now fully remote.
She graduated with her MBA from the Zicklin School of Business with a concentration in Finance, and earned her bachelor's degree from Queens College with a double major in Accounting & Information Systems and Economics.
Like many "supermoms" out there, she balances full time work as an auditor, maintains a great remote learning environment for her three kids, and juggles many of the other hats that she wears. She is a Parent Advocate who has been featured on several news programs and most recently in the Washington Post, because she believes that it is important to advocate for parents everywhere, and especially for parents in the Bronx. One of her recent initiatives was the Parents Against Cuts petition that was done in response to the 20% cuts to education that have hit schools hard, and gathered over 2500 signatures.
Currently, she is working on a free tutoring program that will provide much needed support for parents by offering free online tutoring to kids, as well as parent workshops on technology platforms so they can support their kids at home. Additionally, she partnered in starting a food pantry initiative in the Bronx that began in the wake of the pandemic, and that serves countless families throughout the Bronx, and she serves at the pantry every Saturday with a smile. She loves being a Parent Advocate and has been involved in PTAs for years and has served as president of the PTA for P.S. 304 and Urban Institute of Mathematics, as well as vice president of PAPEC for District 8 schools, which is the volunteer committee that oversees 38 schools in the district. Most recently, she serves as a member of Community Board 10 and is on the Youth and Education Committee. She is proud to be fully bilingual in Spanish and English, and feels that information to parents should be provided in their native languages when households are monolingual. She loves helping people and being a voice for the people. She lives in the Throggs Neck section of the Bronx and thinks that community work is one of the most important things you can do.
Her daughter will be attending school in person this year, while one of her sons will be in college. The other son, who was remote last year, is still undecided on whether they will be remote or in person.

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Oct. 3 - Angela introduces herself and then talks about remote learning, as well as the COVID consent form the DOE wants every parent to sign.

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