Education Ambassador: District 8 Community Education Council President Farah S. Despeignes

Farah S. Despeignes is the current president of the District 8 Community Education Council. Farah is a teacher by profession, a community organizer by default and a political activist by design. She is the mother of two fantastic young men, Amden and Rilan, who are the loves of her life. Farah is passionate about the youth (from conception/cradle to career) and education. She is ferocious in her defense and advocacy of children and public education.
Her teaching career began at the City College of New York, where she obtained her undergraduate and graduate degrees in Literature and History. There, she taught Comparative Literature, the classics and Humanities classes. She has also taught GED classes at the Equal Opportunity Center in Harlem, operated by the Borough Manhattan Community College. She has taught American History and Human Services classes at Touro College. As a Permanently Certified New York State Teacher, she has taught secondary school English and was a lead teacher for many years.
She received many accolades for her approach in the classroom that resulted in the overall success of her students. Farah believes that there is a direct correlation between the states of under-resourced schools and the larger underserved community. Underserved schools will improve when the surrounding community is uplifted. As a result of this conviction, she became a community organizer, a political activist and even ran for office. She has also received recognition for her work in the community.
Farah is devoted to the improvement of our educational system and the elevation of underserved communities through the empowerment of individuals (children and adults), families and the community at large. She is determined to help build a future in which every child receives a proper education because she knows that education is the road that leads to freedom and prosperity, which is the inalienable right of every human being.
Farah is currently fighting for students to have a remote option this upcoming school year.

2021-22 Vlogs from Farah:

Oct. 25 - Farah and her guests discuss SAT and PSAT exams.
Oct. 25 - Farah talks with students on how the school year is going.
Oct. 25 - Farah and her guests discuss intimidation and coercion from the DOE.
Sept. 17 - Farah and her guests talk about mental health supports for students.
Sept. 17 - Farah and her guests discuss the need for a remote option for students.
Sept. 17 - Farah and her guests talk about health and safety in NYC school buildings.
Sept. 17 - Farah and her guests talk about parents who are striking or boycotting to keep their children safe.

2020-21 Vlogs from Farah:

Jan. 22 - Farah talks about the District 8 Community Education Council, roundtable with the chancellor that took place last week. Below are the opening statements.
In part 2, Farah talks about the roundtable and parent governance.
In part 3, Farah continues discussing the roundtable with the chancellor and parent collaboration.
In part 4, Farah talks about better access for parents and studens.
Part 5 is Farah's closing statements during the roundtable with the school's chancellor.
Nov. 25 - Farah talks about how to strengthen parents' voice in schools citywide and the DEO.
In part two this week, Farah continues speaking about strengthening parents' voice.
Nov. 17 - In this episode, Farah talks about remote learning from the point of view of a parent.
Nov. 17 - Farah discusses what the community and parents should look for when picking the next U.S. Secretary of Education.
Nov. 10 - Part one of Farah's vlog this week is about the Town Hall with the schools chancellor.
In part two this week, Farah discusses the blended learning. And gives her thoughts on the President-elect Biden win.
Nov. 2 - Farah is joined by New York City ESL teacher Aixa Rodriguez to talk about remote learning from a teacher's perspective.
Nov. 1 - Farah has her two sons join her to discuss how they feel about remote learning.
Oct. 17 - Farah talks about COVID testing in schools.
In her second video, Farah speaks with Isha Taylor from CEC 10 about the growing culture of intimidation and retaliation the DOE staff is facing.
Oct. 12 - Farah discusses student responsibility and parent advocacy. She encourages kids and parents to be more proactive.
In her second video, Farah talks about in person learning and COVID concerns.
Oct. 6 - Farah introduces herself, and talks about what she does as the CEC District 8 president and how parents can get involved.