Education Ambassador: JustaBXmom founder Melissa Velazquez

Melissa Velazquez is a single working mother who has launched a career helping Bronx parents.

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Nov 5, 2020, 7:34 PM

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Education Ambassador: JustaBXmom founder Melissa Velazquez
Melissa worked in youth development for about 10 years before switching gears to marketing and promotions when turning 30. 
Once she became a solo mom she wanted to find a way to bring her career knowledge home. Blogging was a perfect fit that allowed her to merge careers and motherhood. 
JustaBXmom was born from that merge in the fall of 2015. JustaBXmom has become a resource for all parents. Melissa is now working toward launching SoMi's Playhouse, a children's event center and thrift shop boutique in 2021. Melissa is a Bronx-born resident that is excited to see and be part of The Bronx Is Blooming era in history.  
Melissa believes that every parent is their child's perfect parent, and wants to support families. Helping parents realize that they already have the knowledge and resources at hand to help their child is one of her goals. Education equals opportunity. And our children deserve every opportunity that they can receive.
Connect with Melissa on social media: @justabxmom
Nov. 4 - This week, Melissa wants to remind families not to be so hard on themselves. She also shares the importance of giving grace to ourselves and those around us.
Oct. 23 - Melissa again reminds families to get out and have fun. Or stay in and have fun. Just make sure either way you do it that you’re adding some fun to each day.
Oct. 11 - In this video, Melissa reminds parents to get out and have fun. Halloween is not canceled so find some fun events. Boo at the Zoo is happening every weekend this month and she is having a virtual zombie run next weekend.
Sept. 25 - Melissa shares some of the fidget fun that helps my daughter focus during remote learning all week long.
Sept. 21 - This week, Melissa reminds you that you are your child’s perfect parent. Whatever choice you made for schooling this year will be right for your family and you have the power to push back when it doesn’t feel right.
Sept. 10 - Melissa talks about how it's important to get out and get moving, especially when it feels like you and your kids are chained to the desk.
Sept. 4 - Melissa shares a hack that will make back to school go a lot smoother for remote learning families. And will help make life easier for teachers.

Aug. 31 - Melissa talks about a yearly back-to-school tradition that she does with her daughter.
Aug. 24 - Melissa discusses why she chose remote learning for her daughter.

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