Ex-girlfriend of accused ‘Junior’ stabber testifies against him

A former girlfriend of one of Lesandro “Junior” Guzman Feliz’s accused killers was on the stand Tuesday saying that he admitted to being one of the attackers last June.
Elvin Garcia’s ex-girlfriend, Yudelvi Mena, testified that he admitted to stabbing Junior as they both watched the Belmont bodega surveillance video of the gang attack that went viral.
The 21-year-old college student says she ran to her ex-boyfriend's aid on the night of June 20 after he called her looking to be brought to a hospital.
"His hand, [it] had a hole basically," she testified.
She said Garcia would not tell her how he was injured when she got to his home.
Kevin Alvarez previously testified that it was Manuel Rivera who accidentally stabbed Garcia while they were both attacking Junior.
Mena says Garcia instructed her to tell police "that he got into a fight at the park because of me" and helped to file a false police report.
Mena testified that after his hospital trip to get stitches, they both saw the surveillance video of Junior's death. She says Garcia pointed himself out and said that "the intention was to hurt the person who got killed and not kill him."
Both Jose Muniz and Antonio Rodriguez Hernandez Santiago, also on trial for first-degree murder, were not in court Tuesday. It was not clear why.
Tuesday’s testimony also included three crime scene unit detectives who spoke about two cars that were processed for blood stain evidence.
They said one of those cars — operated by Michael "Sosa" Reyes, who cooperated with police — contained a box cutter.
One detective also testified about what appeared to be a kitchen knife found in the lot next to suspected gang leader Diego Suero's home after the stabbing.
The trial resumes Thursday.