Family mourns loss of loved one after e-bike fire in Soundview

Borrero died was 39 years old after lithium-ion batteries sparked a fire in his apartment when he was charging an e-bike.

Julia Joseph and Adolfo Carrion

Dec 12, 2023, 8:21 PM

Updated 221 days ago


Lithium-ion batteries - and the fires they have caused - remain a hot-button topic in New York City, including one recent fire that killed Hiram Borrero.  
Borrero’s partner, Migdalia Torres, says the unexpected death of her significant other has left a void in her world.  
“I miss most that he would just pop up and bring groceries,” said Torres. “It was never like you didn't have to ask him. He would apologize for not bringing my change back because he'd buy a friend a sandwich." 
Borrero died was 39 years old after lithium-ion batteries sparked a fire in his apartment when he was charging an e-bike. Torres says he was a loving father of three with a passion for art and his community.  
According to the FDNY, Borrero is the 18th person in 2023 to lose their life to a fire caused by a lithium-ion battery. Nine others required medical attention from that fire. 

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