Fate of Greenburgh Black Lives Matter mural could head to mediation

The ongoing saga of a controversial Black Lives Matter mural painted in the town of Greenburgh is turning into a legal matter.
Town officials sent a letter to the legal counsel representing lead artist Kindo Art on Monday saying they violated the contract by including several people and images in the mural that were never approved by the appropriate committees and town board -- and therefore, the artists must remove the images within a week.
However, in a letter sent back Wednesday, Art's attorney says nowhere in the contract does it say the artist had to get that approval and could "interpret" the subcommittees' ideas.
They also state that the town essentially agreed that the artists did not violate the contract when they paid them for their work.
The artist's attorney also argues that both parties agreed in their contract that in the event of a dispute like this, they would agree to legal mediation before taking the issue to court.
Greenburgh Town Supervisor Paul Feiner tells News 12 he is open to mediation, but is awaiting feedback from the town attorney.