Fitness Face-off: Jungle Gym Martial Arts

Jungle Gym Martial Arts on Westchester Avenue has come in at number 1 in News 12's Fitness Face-off Challenge.
Jungle Gym has been open for 20 years at 2100 Westchester Ave.
Owner Justin Garcia says he gets students of all ages, from beginners to those who compete in competitions and tournaments.
"In my opinion it helps get you strong physically, but it's helps with self-esteem," says Garcia.
The Brazilian Jiu-jitsu taught at Jungle Gym, focuses on grappling with a particular emphasis on ground fighting. It uses hands and legs to lock and immobilize an opponent.
Although mostly a male dominated sport, this form of mixed martial arts is also attracting more women looking for something different than the traditional gym routine.
"It makes you stronger and it's teaches you how to defend yourself, which is important for women," says Samantha Garcia.