Food for Thought: Smartphone applications to keep track of your diet

Many of us are glued to our smartphones - we rely on them for pretty much everything, even keeping us on track with our diet. 
News 12's Natasha Geigel sorted through some of the popular food applications in this week's Food for Thought segment.
The three most popular applications are also free!
Start eating healthy, by shopping healthy! ShopWell is a barcode shopping companion. You can enter your goals - like lowering cholesterol - or restrictions such as food allergies. ShopWell will rate the food item, letting you know if you should put it in your cart or back on the shelf.
The next app is Lose It. You can put in your current weight, your goal weight and how much weight you want to lose per week. The app will give you the date you should reach your goal and lets you log your meals and workouts.
The Waterlogged app helps you drink more water. With the app you can put in how much H2O you want to drink daily and set up reminders throughout the day. Your phone will alert you when it's time to drink up.