Frustrated tenants rally outside Brooklyn court demanding action against landlord

Tenants in two units along Sterling Place say they've been forced to take building management into their own hands and are now in court against the managing company of their buildings.

News 12 Staff

Feb 28, 2023, 10:58 PM

Updated 444 days ago


Tenants of a Chestnut Holdings-owned apartment building rallied outside of a courthouse in Brooklyn on Tuesday, demanding action and debt forgiveness for their living issues.  
These tenants say they were neglected and that their apartments remained in disrepair. Some even took to not paying rent in protest.  
“We clean the building ourselves,” said Mildred Walters, one of the angry tenants. “We paint ourselves, we paint our apartments ourselves, we do all the repairs.” 
The tenants live in two units along Sterling Place and say they feel like their landlord is ignoring them every time they bring up an issue.  
Council Member Chi Osse and Housing Organizers For People Empowerment stood with the tenants today in solidarity.  
“It’s disturbing that this is not an isolated incident,” said Osse. 
News 12’s camera was not allowed inside the courtroom during the tenants’ scheduled appearance. The attorneys representing the tenants and Chestnut Holdings stood in front of a judge on Tuesday to get the lawsuits towards the tenants consolidated.  
News 12 reached out to Chestnut Holdings and tried to get ahold of their attorney but did not receive a comment.  
They’re scheduled to be back in court on March 24. 

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