GOP candidate for mayor shares life on the campaign trail

Republican mayoral candidate and Guardian Angels founder Curtis Sliwa was out on the campaign trail Friday, sharing a glimpse into his life with his 16 cats.
Sliwa says the cats, who are mostly rescues, were on a kill list at a shelter.
"Well, some people think I'm crazy. I say no, no, it's eccentric," says Sliwa.
Sliwa took News 12 inside his 320 square-foot studio, which is filled with not just cats but also campaign posters. There are also news clips from the Guardian Angels' past.
"It's sort of a potpourri of different articles and different wanted posters mostly from the '80s," says Sliwa.
Sliwa founded the unarmed crime prevention group known for its red berets and subway patrol in the '70s and '80s.
"We got stereotyped as vigilantes. I got locked up 76 times," says Sliwa. "The only candidate to ever be locked up on Rikers."
Sliwa calls himself a never-Trumper who is running on the Republican line, making it hard to find support from the party.
He campaigns every day while on patrols in the subway.
Sliwa is running against Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams.