Green Bronx Machine delivers fresh fruit, vegetables to Bronx residents amid COVID-19

A Bronx greenhouse is sending fresh fruits and vegetables to Bronx residents during the coronavirus pandemic.
Green Bronx Machine is known for growing vegetables from their huge farm house in the Wakefield section of the Bronx.
They run a program where students from all across the city learn how to grow their own fruits and vegetables and then make deliveries to elderly people with cancer.
Since COVID-19 hit, they had to change gears, but it hasn’t stopped the founder Stephen Ritz, from continuing to help at this crucial time with the help of his wife Lizzette.
With donations from the Alexander Cohen Foundation, they tell News 12 they have been able to deliver bags of fresh produce to hundreds of Bronx residents. In the next couple weeks their own fruits and vegetables will be ready for delivery.
“The sweet part of this initiative is that these bags have these messages saying, ‘there is always someone in need of a meal or smile please fill this bag with joy and pass it on for its next giving smile,’” says Ritz.