Group at Hostos Community College join dream programs at city’s top universities

A $1 million grant from Rep. Ritchie Torres is helping give 16 students access to their dream programs.

Shakti Denis and Adolfo Carrion

Dec 8, 2023, 10:38 PM

Updated 219 days ago


A group of students from Hostos Community College are heading to their dream programs, thanks to a new initiative funded by Rep. Ritchie Torres.  
The new initiative gives them a chance to access high-quality programs at some of the city’s top schools, including public health at Columbia University, engineering at City College, and arts administration at Queens College.  
The $1 million grant from Rep. Torres is making this possible. He says that it’s important to address the disparities in higher education through opportunities like this, especially for students from the Bronx that can use the knowledge to benefit the community.  
Torres says he hopes this grant sets the standard for similar programs in the future.

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