Haitian family seeks asylum, details harrowing journey to make it to US

Two Haitian immigrants who live in Flatbush are asking that the Biden administration extend their temporary protection status after traveling through terrifying conditions to make it to the U.S.
Willie and Myrlande migrated to the U.S. from Chile to find asylum because they couldn't support their two children. The family originally left Haiti in 2016 and went to Chile, but say that it was impossible to find work there and moved to the U.S. in June.
The family says they took several buses, slept in the streets and traveled through the jungle with 42 other people - with only eight people in the group making it out alive.
After three long months, Willie and Myrlande reached American soil. However, in order to stay in the U.S., the Biden administration needs to extend the temporary protection status for Haitian immigrants or immigration authorities must approve their request for asylum.
The traveling from Haiti to Chile and then the U.S. also affected their bodies. Willie tells News 12 he still suffers from severe neck and back pains after carrying his daughter on his back the entire time.
Unable to travel to New York with their 11-year-old son, Myrlande tells News 12 she dreams that one day - her family can be together again.
In the meantime, humanitarian and attorney Marie Pereira has set up a GoFundMe for the family.