Ingersoll Houses tenants say ceiling leaks during rainfall

Residents at the Ingersoll Houses in Downtown Brooklyn say their ceiling leaks every time it rains and that they’ve been dealing with it for months now.
Residents on the sixth floor at 58 Fleet Walk say they’ve been dealing with leaking ceilings since the summer and that it is impacting their quality of life.
Elijah Walker says the leaking in his ceiling affects five rooms in his apartment, and it’s causing the paint on his ceiling to peel.  
He says it even gets all over his carpet, making it hard for him to walk on.
He says his neighbors also showed him buckets and trash bags they have throughout their apartments to catch the water dripping from the ceiling.
Walter tells News 12 that no one comes when he contacts NYCHA about the leaking, and he says when he puts a ticket in the system it tells him the earliest date it can be fixed is 2023.
Walter says he’s wondering why something can’t be done now.
Residents tell News 12 they’re hoping for something to be done soon so they can live comfortably in their apartments again. 
NYCHA staff are currently working to clear this stoppage and address flooding conditions at this building. NYCHA asks that all residents continue to use the MyNycha app or call the Customer Contact Center at 718-707-7771 to create a work order ticket for any maintenance needs.