'I'm still in shock.' Parents hold wake service for 11-year-old Kyhara Tay following arraignment of suspect

Wake services were held for 11-year-old Kyhara Tay in Parkchester on Tuesday following the arraignment of a suspect connected to her shooting. 
Loved ones and community members gathered to say their goodbyes as calls for justice continued.
Kyhara’s family told News 12 they are still in shock at the death of the young girl. 
“She was a good sister, a good granddaughter, a good goddaughter, a good cousin, a good niece,” says father Sokpini Tay. “She was everything that you could think of as a baby. I just can't believe it right now, I'm still in shock."
Omar Bojang was remanded to custody of the Department of Correction a day after he turned himself in to authorities
Officers say 18-year-old Bojang was driving the moped that 15-year-old Matthew Godwin was riding on when Godwin fired the gun that killed Tay. They say their intended target was a 13-year-old.
Godwin was arrested last week.
Bojang is facing several charges including murder, manslaughter and possession of a weapon. News 12 was told he has two open gun cases and two open robbery cases against him. 
Kyhara’s parents say the arrests bring a little relief.
“I'm glad they're in there, that's where they need to be,” says mother Yahisha Gomez. “I don't want no babies, nobody else's family suffering and kids dying out here. It's senseless."
Kyhara’s family thanked those who came out to the memorial and wake. They say people they didn't know offered their support.
Funeral services for Kyhara are expected to take place Wednesday.
Bojang is due back in court before a grand jury on June 17 but will not testify.