Irish consulate general joins BP Gibson for a Woodlawn walkthrough

Multiple businesses along Katonia Avenue welcomed the consulate and borough president with open arms.

Brittany Cadet and

News 12 Staff

Apr 23, 2024, 9:27 PM

Updated 28 days ago


The Irish consulate general and the Bronx Borough president came together for a walkthrough of the Woodlawn neighborhood, an area with deep Irish immigrant roots.
Woodlawn is where thousands of migrants of Irish descent settled down back in the 19th century. Consulate General Helena Nolan spent time with Vanessa Gibson learning more about the Irish settlement history.
Multiple businesses along Katonah Avenue welcomed the consulate and borough president. Nolan says she’s on a four-year-long assignment from Ireland, and this year marks the third year of that assignment.
“This feels very Irish to me every time when I come here which is lovely,” said Nolan. “I love the fact that everything here is low-rise, and I love the sense of history. You feel the sense of community here, the bond and connections.”
Nolan says she appreciates all the time she’s spent in the Bronx to not only learn about Irish history in New York City but to get a plate of some of her home country’s traditional food.

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