Islip Terrace man among those pushing to continue in-person 9/11 ceremony

An Islip Terrace man is among those who say the annual 9/11 ceremony should not be changed because of the COVID-19 pandemic.
In the years since the attacks, the names of the victims have been read aloud. But this year, organizers want to use a recording of those names instead.
Thousands have signed a petition against the change, including Steven Meditz, who says the tradition should continue in-person.
"Anybody can play a recording. I can go on YouTube and look up a recording of a live feed, but what does that really do, how does that really honor those people?" he says. "It is something that you know it makes you think 'wow how much our society has changed...'"
For now, families are still expected to gather at Ground Zero to mark the 19th anniversary of the attacks.