'It's gonna get messy': Inspired by the psychedelic, Riverdale artist makes colorful creations

A Riverdale artist is brightening up the walls of a local cafe with her work, which she creates using a fun and messy technique.
Diana McShane mixes and layers colors, pouring, tipping and dripping acrylic paint across a blank canvas until it's completely covered.
"Some days I'm a little more careful, a little more strategic. Some days I just like to play," McShane explains.
Psychedelic rock and visuals inspired her to create this kind of art, and she also draws ideas from places like the color of the sunset the night before.
McShane's work is on display at An Beal Bocht Cafe in Riverdale. It's the first time she's ever put her work out into the world.
"What's been really rewarding is knowing that these pieces are going to people's homes," she says. "They're bright and colorful and they make me really happy, so I hope they make them happy, too."
The works will be on display through Labor Day.
 McShane is already thinking about her next project -- possibly a class to teach and inspire others in the Bronx.