Jersey City police search for person last seen in water underneath Hudson River pier

Jersey City police say they're searching for a person last seen in the water Sunday underneath a Hudson River pier.
They say they were called around 6:30 p.m. about someone in the water at the Pier Village Apartments.
Fire officials described the underneath of the building as having voids similar to a catwalk, so a person could go under the buildings.
News 12 is told firefighters went under the buildings searching for the person and had eyes on them but that the person disappeared.
The Jersey City Fire Department, state police, the NYPD and North Hudson all assisted in the investigation.
There were about seven boats and two helicopters involved in the search, and officials say that person had not yet been found as of Sunday night.
Fire and police presence were scaled back, but News 12 is told there will be a continued presence and lights on the water in case that person makes another appearance.