Jury sees video in trial of shooting that injured Bronx boy at party

Jurors reviewed video Monday in the trial of the man accused of shooting a Bronx boy in the head at his birthday party.
Prosecutors played surveillance video of the June 2017 shooting for the jury that’s tasked with deciding the fate of defendant Michael Quiles. Quiles is accused of attempted murder in the Claremont shooting at 1138 Washington Ave. that nearly ended the life of 6-year-old Jaheem Hunter.
Police believe Hunter was not the intended target of the shooting. The boy is still recovering from the gunshot wound to his head.
His father, Charles Hunter, was standing by when his son was struck by the bullet. He says the day in court was difficult.
"It's like flashbacks," the father says.
Hunter's family says they will be in court every day until a verdict is handed down. They are hoping for justice for Jaheem.
News 12 is told that Hunter's legal guardian, who also witnessed the shooting, is expected to testify as well, along with the surgeon who operated on him.