Kyhara Tay Way: Longwood street co-named for girl killed by stray bullet

The intersection of Fox Street and Westchester Avenue was co-named “Kyhara Tay Way” on Sunday in Longwood.  
The 11-year-old was shot and killed on killed May 16, 2021. Candles were lit and flowers were laid to honor her memory Sunday, on what would’ve been her 13th birthday.  
The NYPD says the girl was struck by a stray bullet. Police say 18-year-old Omar Bojang was driving a moped that 15-year-old Matthew Godwin was riding on when Godwin fired the gun that killed Tay. They say their intended target was a 13-year-old.
"The people that did this to my daughter pleaded not guilty, but we're doing everything we can so they can get the amount of time that'll serve as justice for my daughter," said Tay’s mother.  
Tay’s family says they will be going back to court to make sure those who are responsible for their daughter’s death get the time they deserve.