Let it rock: The Met offers glimpse into music history with ‘Play It Loud’ exhibit

The Metropolitan Museum of Art is celebrating rock and roll with a first of its kind exhibit dedicated to the instruments of the era.
The exhibit is called "Play It Loud."
"What we ended up doing was creating a very comprehensive exhibit about the most important instruments in rock and roll history, focusing on the design, the art and technology of the musical instrument and how musicians create their unique sound," says curator Craig Inciardi.
Inciardi says they also focused on the innovations and technologies that come with rock and roll, including amplification, the effects and the eclecticism of the instruments.
"Most people think that rock and roll is basically just about bass, drums and guitar, but if you come see this exhibit you will see that there's a lot more involved than just those classic instruments," says Inciardi.
The show runs until Oct. 1.