Man accused of abusing son who died awaits detention hearing as mother holds rally

A man from Barnegat suspected of abusing his 6-year-old son, who died two weeks after the alleged incident, is awaiting a detention hearing as the boy’s mother held a rally outside the courtroom this morning.
Bre Micciolo, the mom of Corey, organized the rally on a Facebook page she set up in memory of her son. More than a dozen supporters stood out this morning holding signs reading ‘Justice for Corey.’
Prosecutors say Christopher Gregor, 29, allegedly abused the boy back on March 20.  On April 2, Gregor took him to a hospital, where he died. Micciolo, says an autopsy showed he died from a heart contusion.
Micciolo says it was all part of a two-year pattern of abuse. She says Gregor would often return from a visit with his dad with bruises and scrapes, and that he showed fear when he was supposed to visit him next. 
Gregor allegedly forced the child to run on a treadmill, even after he fell off, because he thought the child was fat. Micciolo says she called for help numerous times and that the courts let her down.
“I called Child Protective Services about 100 times over the last two years,” says Micciolo. “I reported it to them. I called the police. I went to court, my order was denied to protect my son. That happened the day before he passed, they denied my order to give me temporary full custody."
Gregor turned himself in to Barnegat Township police Friday after a warrant was issued for his arrest.
Speaking with defense attorneys, the expectation is that the hearing will be adjourned until Friday.
News 12 spoke with Mario Gallucci, the attorney representing Gregor. He says, “Mr. Gregor was given full legal and physical custody on 1/28/20 over the child’s mother because the Court at that time found her to be unable to care for the child. Although we are aware of an incident that occurred on March 20,  2021 our investigation reveals no link between the tragic death of the infant and the 3/20 incident. As a matter of fact, immediately prior to the infant’s death he was visiting with the mother and it was my client who took the infant to the emergency room after the infant was returned to him from the mother. The child was taken to the emergency room because he was lethargic and not eating which prompted Mr. Gregor to take the child to the hospital. Our Medical Examiner Expert will be reviewing the ME report and when appropriate we will reveal his opinion. I believe once the truth is revealed in this case, as to the relationship the mother and her family had with this child, my client will be completely vindicated."
Prosecutors say the boy's death remains under investigation.