Masbia Soup Kitchen donates to fire victims: ‘With love, from the Jewish community’

The Masbia Soup Kitchen Network dispatched a rental truck filled with pantry items for the victims displaced by the fatal fire in the Bronx high-rise.
Alexander Rapaport, the executive director of the soup kitchen, along with workers and volunteers, loaded the truck up with 120 Betty Crocker pizza cookers – saying it's an easy way for displaced families to be able to cook hot meals from a hotel room.
Their message is written right on the boxes: “With love, from the Jewish community.”
Also included in the donated supplies – 120 cases of canned fish, cereal, applesauce and other food stuffs.
Many families affected by the fire are Muslim, and as many in the Jewish community know, relief gestures that consider religious dietary restrictions can be especially helpful.
The emergency efforts to help the Bronx fire victims haven't stood in the way of their daily operations. They say hundreds of people have been coming by to pick up free groceries from their location in Borough Park, and many more are still eating hot meals inside the dining room.