Mayor's office considering curfew at migrant shelters in NYC

A spokesperson for Mayor Eric Adam's Office says that the city might be considering imposing a curfew at migrant shelters across the city.
This comes as the city says that some communities and local elected officials have asked them to explore the option.
News 12 spoke to some migrants at Floyd Bennett Field shelter who were on their way to work Friday morning. Many of them said that it would be terrible for them due to most of them working at a varied hours in the day.
One man said that he often comes back from work after 1 a.m. and that he would be forced to sleep outside in the cold if he couldn’t get back in.
The demands for a curfew came after some residents in areas like Marine Park and the Rockaways voiced concerns about asylum seekers panhandling and asking for money in their neighborhoods.
The mayor’s office says shelters within the Department of Homeless Services do have a curfew at 11 p.m.