Never coming baaaaaack: Runaway sheep in Rockland County now living the dream upstate

One sheep in Rockland County has captured the hearts of police officers and community members there after she made a successful run from the slaughterhouse.
The sheep was first spotted in Chestnut Ridge on Valentine's Day before it crisscrossed Rockland County for 10 whole days, turning up in Wesley Hills, Pomona, Haverstraw, and Stony Point.
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The wooly fugitive was all over social media with its own personal Facebook page, taunting police that she's never coming "baaaaaaaaaaack."
After escaping the butcher and running all over Rockland, the sheep made her final appearance in the backyard of the county's mounted police unit.
Lt. John Murphy, of the Rockland County Sheriff's Office, helped corral the sheep into a trailer in a resident's backyard in Stony Point Saturday, when the runaway ruminant was finally apprehended.
"In my 20 years in law enforcement, this is the first time I've had to rescue a sheep," says Murphy.
Humane Society representatives told News 12 the animal was marked for slaughter with red paint on her rump.
Now she's living the high life at an upstate animal sanctuary.
News 12 is told the sheep is about 300 to 400 pounds, full of wool, with a feisty desire to survive.
No one has come forward as the owner of the sheep. News 12 was told she was given the name of "Ellie" at her new home.