New York Institute for Special Education hosts annual Fun Day for students

The New York Institue for Special Education held a field day for its students on Friday.

Brittany Cadet

Jun 7, 2024, 9:37 PM

Updated 6 days ago


Dozens of activities were held at this "Fun Day" like baseball, football and bowling.
The institute is a school that caters to students who have special needs including those who are legally blind. One of the event organizers say it's important for children to participate in these activities together to help take away from the everyday stresses of in-school learning.
"These kids sometimes feel excluded from being involved in activities of daily living as their regular peers out here in the world," said Alesandra Haley, orientation and mobility instructor at the school. "This is a way for them to incorporate it... make it adaptable for them to be able to experience these activities, whether it's a beeping sound for them to know where to hit a ball for one of the games like T-ball or football"
News 12's Brittany Cadet spoke with students and staff from the school while capturing these moments at the Fun Day.

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